Markley Custom Drums Markley Custom Drums
Finishing Process
Custom Staining
This kit was ordered with a transparent stain, high-gloss lacquer finish. Here you can see the Dark Rosewood stain being applied to each shell. We custom blend our own stains and wood dyes in-house, and can match any color you have in mind. Our stains are transparent, allowing the full beauty of the wood grain to show through the finish.   
Finish Options
Here is the matched family of shells for a 5 piece custom kit, stained in the Dark Rosewood color and ready for lacquer. High gloss fades and sunburst finishes can also be done in our own finishing facility. We have invested in specialized equipment to offer full sparkle lacquers with fades or sunburst shading. We also can do satin finishes with beautiful, low gloss sheens. Some touring professionals prefer wrapped finishes for their durability, so we offer our line of Tour-Pro wraps in many colors and patterns. Contact us with your ideas and we can make them a reality.

High Gloss Lacquer Process
All Markley Custom high gloss drums go through an intensive 32-step finishing process in our own facility. Once staining is complete, the clear top coating can begin. However, we actually don’t use a traditional old-school lacquer, because of its many disadvantages. We use a modern high-tech industrial finish that is identical to the finish on high gloss wood in exotic Italian sports cars, luxury yachts, private jets, and the ultra-fine finishes seen on Baldwin pianos and Gibson guitars. No thin, automotive paint or polyurethane can match the deep, high gloss and protection our finish offers!

Layers of clear sealer finish are carefully sprayed on the shell to a specified thickness by a skilled technician, then sanded back in steps until the finish is smooth and flat, but dull. Additional layers of clear topcoat are then sprayed for the final high gloss finish. After spraying is complete, the finish spends at least one week curing in our drying room.     

Finish Sanding and Buffing Process
Then the real final finishing work begins! The finish is meticulously wet-sanded with 6 different grades of sandpaper, and inspected constantly until it is as smooth as glass. The shells are then buffed with 2 grades of the highest quality imported buffing compounds. The final results speak for themselves – a mirror finish unequalled in the industry today.

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