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TourPro™ Series Click to view larger image

  • Fully bonded, durable TourPro™ laminate finish
  • Your choice of 8-ply Maple or Birch shells
  • Precision-cut and hand-perfected bearing edges
  • Exclusive Markley Solid Tension™ Lugs
  • Exclusive Markley Reson-X™ Tom Suspension System on suspended toms
  • TourPro™ Series available in a wide range of Sparkle and Pearl Finishes

The Markley TourPro™ Series of drums are designed for the touring drummer who wants the famous sound of the Markley Signature Series, but with all the protection and finish choices our TourPro™ laminate finishes allow.

What makes a TourPro™ Series finish special? Durability. Scratch Resistance. Attitude.

These professional drums are built to take the constant punishment of life on the road - and to sound great while doing it. They laugh at things like taking a thrashing during a 2 hour show, spilled drinks at the club, being jumped on by your lead singer, and being tossed into cases in the van at the end of the night by your roadies (roadies - yeah, right!)

But under that tough exterior lies the same quality shell and craftsmanship that go into our legendary Signature Series. The outer ply – the TourPro™ laminate finish – is fully bonded to the shell for maximum resonance.  Seams are overlapped but are trimmed back at the edges so drumheads seat properly, almost as if there were no wrap on the drum at all. And the sound, of course, is all Markley. There are no compromises in your drumming, so there are no compromises in the TourPro™ Series either.