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Reson-X™ Tom Suspension System

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Hear More Fanatics

"…When I look at other custom drum builders - I see them all using the same generic hardware. It’s hard to claim a company is CUSTOM when you’re using the same parts as everyone else. With your cutting-edge, original hardware, Markley Custom Drums really stands head and shoulders above the rest as a TRUE American custom drum kit".
- Scott Whalen - Memphis, TN

"…Awesome…I’m pretty speechless. GORGEOUS!
- Joerg Eichfuss, Durham, NC

"Dennis, You ROCK Dude!!"
- Kenny Aaronoff, Famous Drumming Legend

  • Currently available for the following size drums:
    7x8, 8x10, 9x12, 10x13, 11x14, 12x15, & 13x16
  • Standard finish is chrome. Black Chrome, 24k Gold, Powder-Coating and other finishes are available at additional charge.

Would you hang a guitar by its tuning pegs?
...Then why hang drums from their tuning rods???

From these two simple questions, the Markley Reson-X™ Tom Suspension System was born. Obviously, hanging a guitar or any instrument by its tuning mechanism puts stress on it, and can potentially cause tuning problems. So why do so many drum companies do it? Probably comes down to the cost, or a lack of imagination and desire required to design a better system. Granted, it is easier and cheaper to slap a generic off-the-shelf "isolation system" on the drum's tension rods, but at Markley Custom Drums, we decided to take it to the next level...

A Better Idea – Reson-X™

The Markley Reson-X™ Tom Suspension System is specially designed to support the weight of the drum on the Markley Solid Tension™ lugs - NOT on the tension rods. The entire Reson-X™ system is cushioned and acoustically isolated from the drum with large rubber bushings. These unique design features allow the drum to move and resonate freely, and the tuning mechanism to function without any stress. This results in the clearest, and most resonant tone - available exclusively from Markley Custom Drums.  In addition, with the Reson-X™ system in place, you can change drumheads without taking the suspension system off the drum. In fact, you don't even have to take the drum off its stand when changing heads! The Markley Reson-X™ Tom Suspension System stays on the drum at all times.

Our exclusive Markley Reson-X™ Tom Suspension System easily improves everything about tom suspension systems in a beautiful, custom-designed package. When you see it, you'll immediately know you're looking at a quality Markley Custom Drum. And we are proud to say that Reson-X™ is 100% made in the USA - manufactured right here in our Lancaster County, PA facilities.