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Hardware Holes and Edges
Once the shells have been buffed, holes for mounting lugs and other hardware are laid out and drilled using precision templates and tools. 

It is absolutely critical that the edges be perfectly flat for the best sound, so we spend a significant amount of time making sure they are perfect. The shell edges are sanded and checked for flatness on a laboratory grade flat surface. Edges are then cut on our precision edge-cutting machine, accurate to 1/128th of an inch. The edges are then rechecked on the surface flat for perfection, and re-sanded and re-cut if necessary until absolutely perfect.

Our standard edge for toms is a 45-degree inside edge and a roundover on the outside, cut sharper on the smaller toms and rounder on the large toms. This helps the smaller toms punch through the mix, while filling out the bottom end by filtering out high frequencies on the larger toms. Kick drums get a special edge treatment, rounded and cut at a shallower 35-degree angle on the inside to bring out more of the drum’s low-end fundamental tone with the thicker edge. Snare drums get different edges, based on the specific drum application, size, and customer taste.  When edges are done right, like on all Markley Custom Drums, they really are a thing of beauty.


Markley Custom Lugs
Markley Custom Drum Co. has developed a distinctive tension lug of our own design that is sure to become immediately recognizable and an instant classic. Machined from solid bars of military grade aluminum, our lugs are guaranteed never to break under normal use. A single stainless steel fastener is used to mount the lugs to the shell, cutting the number of holes drilled in our shells by half. The threaded inserts are also machined from solid stainless steel rod, and provide smooth, even tuning across the range of the drum. Each insert is centered and cushioned by rubber O-rings inside the lug body. These O-rings eliminate any lug related noises and also allow cushioned lateral movement of the insert so the lug is also self-aligning. Finally, a rubber gasket acoustically isolates the lug from the shell for maximum resonance.

Our lugs are precision-made on a CNC lathe by our machinists here in the USA, and are available in chrome plating. Other finishes may be available at an additional cost.


Reson-X Tom Suspension System
This is where we make our Reson-X Tom Suspension System. First, the unique “X” shaped mounting plate is precision-cut from solid steel plate using a computer-controlled laser. Then, the plates are placed in custom made dies and formed into their final curved shape under extreme pressure. Each curved Reson-X plate is then quality-checked for the proper curvature with a special gauge before it goes to the next production step. Reson-X tom suspension mounts are available for drums ranging from 8” up to 16” in diameter.

Once formed into their final shape, each Reson-X tom mount goes to metal finishing to be polished and chrome plated. Again, the part is inspected for quality. Then, the rubber grommets are installed in the 4 circular holes and the tom mounting bracket is installed with a rubber isolating gasket, completing the Reson-X assembly.


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