Markley Custom Drums Markley Custom Drums
Aluminata™ Series Snare Drums Click to view larger image

  • 1.2mm Aluminata™ Alloy Shell
  • Vintage-style Tube Lugs
  • Premium Piston Strainer
  • Diecast Hoops
  • Optional 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops
  • 5"x14"
  • 5 1/2"x14"
  • 6"x14"
  • 6.5"x14"

Looking for a snare with the sharp “crack” of a metal drum, but with very little ring?  If so, the Markley Custom Aluminata™ Series is for you!

Aluminum is well-known for it’s sharp metallic bite and dry, focused character. Our intensive R&D testing led us to our special Aluminata™ Alloy, which accentuates these qualities and brings out the best that aluminum has to offer. Markley Custom Aluminata™ snare drums deliver a unique blend of loud, cutting power with a dry, crisp finish – making them a perfect addition to almost any drummer’s snare drum arsenal.