Markley Custom Drums Markley Custom Drums
Satin Finish
Markley Custom's Satin finish gives a beautiful satin luster to your drums that never goes out of style...Read More and See Samples 
Hi Gloss Lacquer
Markley Custom Hi Gloss Lacquer drums go through an intensive 32-step finishing process to create our stunning, World-Class depth and shine...Read More and See Samples 
Sparkle Lacquers
Markley Custom Sparkle Lacquers combine the deep, hi-gloss shine of our Lacquer kits with the sparkle of metalflakes...Read More and See Samples 
TourPro™ Wraps
Markley TourPro™ wrapped finishes are durable, scratch-resistant, attractive drum coverings that are designed for life on the road...Read More and See Samples 
Exotic Wood
Choose the most beautiful wood on the planet for your drums! Markley Custom sources the highest quality “musical grade” veneers from around the globe for you...Read More and See Samples 
Custom Paint & Graphics
Have an idea for custom paint or graphics on your Markley Custom Drums? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll make it happen!