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Markley Solid Tension™ Lugs

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"…When I look at other custom drum builders - I see them all using the same generic hardware. It’s hard to claim a company is CUSTOM when you’re using the same parts as everyone else. With your cutting-edge, original hardware, Markley Custom Drums really stands head and shoulders above the rest as a TRUE American custom drum kit".
- Scott Whalen - Memphis, TN

  • Precision-machined from solid rods of lightweight, military-grade aircraft aluminum for maximum drum resonance.
  • Mounted on vibration-isolating rubber gaskets.
  • Stainless Steel threaded inserts will never corrode, and allow super-smooth tuning.
  • Threaded inserts are self-aligning and quiet, cushioned by internal rubber O-rings.
  • Stainless Steel machine screws and washers will never corrode.
  • Nylon Locknuts resist loosening of the lugs on the shell.
  • Single-screw mounting saves resonance-robbing weight and cuts the number of holes in the drumshell by half.  
  • Standard Chrome Plating is both beautiful and durable.
  • Black Chrome, 24k Gold, Powder-Coating and other finishes are available at additional charge

When we designed the Markley Solid Tension™ Lug, it was our goal to produce the finest quality drum lug on the market today. We are very proud to say that our lugs are 100% Made in the USA, and are among the best you will ever find.